Saturday, June 23, 2007

I HATE LA traffic!!

Ok so yesterday my friend Sharee was down in Newport Beach, which is about an hour, in good traffic, away from where we live in Los Angeles. So I decided that I would go down there to see her and so she could meet the baby! I also have a couple girfriends down there from when I used to live in Huntington, so Sharee, Me, Angel and Emily all had lunch together at California Pizza Kitchen. It was SO fun chatting and remembering old times! They loved Eden too. She was a hit! 2:30 rolled around and the girls mentioned that I should leave so I wouldn't hit traffic on my way home. So Eden and I left hoping that we would avoid bumper to bumper...boy were we wrong! At about 4:30, so in traffic for 2 hours, Eden started to get hungry. She had spit out her binky so she started crying really hard. Sometimes if I rock her car seat it would calm her down, but not this time! So I had to exit the freeway, I didn't even know where I was but I knew that I wasn't getting out of the car, that was for sure. It did not look like a very safe neighborhood! Luckily there was a really busy gas station right off the freeway so I pulled into it and got Eden out of her car seat. It took a while to calm her down. It was so hard on me. I was crying and feeling so helpless. So I ended up feeding her in the back of the car, hoping that that would be able to get us home. Well Eden doesn't just fall asleep after she eats! That's when she is the most awake and happy. So I talked with her and we played in the back of the car. Meanwhile, Traffic was just getting worse and worse! By 5:45 I felt like I could put her back in her car seat, and she was ok! We drove around the residential streets for a little bit so that she could fall asleep and then got back on the freeway. I had the radio off so I could sing to her, so she hopefully wouldn't get so upset again. Traffic was really bad and it took us until 7 to get home. Eden did great up until 1 mile before our exit! She started screaming again and I couldn't do anything for her. It was awful. So We finally got home and I got her out of her carseat and just held her. She woudn't let me put her down ALL night. I felt terrible. Needless to say, I won't be taking a trip like that, by myself, for A LONG TIME! It was just horrible hearing her cry like that. So the trip I thought was going to be an hour to an ahour and a half ended up taking us 4 and a half hours to get home. Dang LA traffic!!!