Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally a new page!!!

Well to go along with all the cute pictures from this weekend I finally sat my butt down and scrapped a page! Can you believe it's been so long? I can't! I think once you get out of the habit of doing it, just like anything, it's hard to start up again, even if it is something you absolutely love to do! I really had fun doing this page! Hopefully I can make myself put some time aside to do more!

Little Surfer, Little Surfer Girl!

Since Sunday is the only day Christian has off work, we always try to do something fun so he can spend good quality time with Eden! So this Sunday after church we had a BBQ and slip n' slide party!! It was so much fun! The Elder's, The Barnette's, The Leatherberry's, Uncle Braun, Travis Pack, and The Delguidice's all brought our own food and sun block and had a picnic! It was a beautiful, and hot, day so while the boys cooked the food Jackie, Savannah, Me and eden went over to the pool to cool off! When we got back the slip n' slide was all full and the food was ready! So we all ate and chatted and the boys played with the skimboard that came with the slip n' slide. Since it was so hot we put all the babies, Aiya, Savannah, Daxton and Eden, in the little wading part of the slip n' slide. While they were playing, the boys got this fun idea to try and make Daxton ride the skimboard! So they put him on top and he was loving it. They shot him across the slip n' slide and he totally rode the board! It was so funny!!! The guys were loving it! Eden was laughing so hard every time Daxton came flying back to where we were sitting! So we thought maybe she wanted to try it! So Christian put her on the board and she was a natural! She LOVED it! She was a little unsure at first laying on the board but she totally got the hang of it! We then tried to put Daxton and Eden on together and it worked a couple of times, just enough to get a cute picture!! I took some video too, but since Blogger loves to give me a hard time, and NEVER lets me upload my video's on here, (does anyone else have the problem?), I uploaded a video of Eden riding the waves to my Facebook account if any of you want to see! Try to ignore my annoying mommy voice!! So after the fun and excitement of the slip n' slide, and let me tell you, the boys had their fun, only a couple of injuries, we all headed over to the pool and played until the boys got into an intense game of Marco Polo! They love that game!! It was such a fun, family day! I love it when we get our daddy for the whole day! He didn't even have to take one work call or check one text message!!! It was so much fun! We are so lucky to be out here with so many of our closest friends! It's so fun for eden to have friends she can play and laugh with! She just loves her friends, especially Daxton! Every time she sees him she gets so excited and she can even say his name! Isn't that cute? Well enjoy the pics and go see the video of my little surfer girl!!