Friday, March 14, 2008's been a while!!

Ok so it has been so long! Sorry!! Things have been a little crazy in the Rodee household! We went to Disneyland...again! I know I know, we're a little crazy but we love it! And then when we got back, Christian had to go out of town and then we went and stayed at Christian's parents house in American Fork. They are in Hawaii...jealous! Anyways, so we've had football games, trips, pink eye, ear infections,! eden has been really sick! She got pink eye right when we got back from Disneyland. Then the next day she got it in her other eye and she got an ear infection! She now has a terrible cold! Poor thing!! I feel so bad for her! She's still her happy self despite everything! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful baby! She's so great. Even at her worst she can put a smile on my face!
So I finally had time to sit down tonight and scrap a page! This is for a challenge at SSD, I SPun and Lifted Tracey's 'I wanna be...' We took these pictures at Disneyland...can you believe how cute Eden is? She wore these sunglasses like a champ! She's a superstar! Everyone just thought she was the cutest thing! And she is! I'll put some more pics on here in a little bit!