Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Computer...can't live with them, can't live without them!

Hello everyone...I am SO sorry for the lack in blogging these last few weeks! Our computer has a battery problem and our charger broke! So needless to say, it was hard to find a mac store out here and to find the time with Eden! I have some pictures to put on here but Christian has the camera so I can't out them on here yet! Sorry! Ok so here are some updates...

Eden can now say Kitty, cow, Moo, Neigh, if you ask her what Tigger says, she'll say 'whoohoohoohoo'!! I don't really know how to spell that but it's the cutest thing ever! She says Thank you all the time, and she can say her friend Daxton's name! Isn't that cute? She pounds her chest like a gorilla, courtesy of my dad, and she does a snake sound. She is always saying cute to her shoes, her bows, her outfits...she is so smart!! She says WOW all the time when something cool happens, if her shoe falls off she says, uh oh and tries to put it back on herself! She LOVES shoes!! She is still not walking or crawling, but her scooting is now perfected for carpet! She does love standing and walking with mommy's help. We try to walk with her everywhere around the house! She loves to sit and push herself in her beep beep car! We got her a walker and she has taken quite a few steps with it so far!! I'm not really too worried because she is getting around just fine! She'll do it in her own time! Her hair is growing so much and it is SO blonde!!! It has been a little sunny here and her hair is totally going white! It's so cute!!! I love it!

Christian is doing amazing! He is selling super well and all his offices are still doing great! I think he may be running out of steam for selling alarm systems but he is still doing the best he's ever done! He works ALOT but still finds time to be a great husband and great father to Eden!

I am feeling great...tired...but great! I love the stage that Eden is in right now! We have so much fun together! We play, read books, color, go for walks, swing on the swings! She is my best friend and I just love her more and more every day, if that's possible! I'm getting more and more excited for the new baby! I have a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow with my Dr out here in Indy so we get to hear the little heartbeat! I'm really glad...I feel like it's been a long time since we've heard it! But I'm getting a little baby bump to ensure me the baby is growing! We could possibly find out what we're having in 2 weeks!! I'm so excited for that! It's so nice having my friends out here! We do almost everything together! People out here give us funny looks all the time because it's the 4 of us and then we always have 4 big strollers with us! It's so funnY! The funniest was we went for a walk one day, there is a Circle K just down the corner from us so we frequent that, but we were walking out one day and this guy was holding the door open for us, and we just kept coming out, each of us with a stroller, and he said to us, they must have been having a sale!!!! Isn't that funny? I thought it was hilarious! So it has been really fun having people to do things with and having friends for Eden to play with! She loves them! When we stay in all day, just her and me, I can tell she's bored of just her and mommy time! She always gets so excited to see her friends!

Indianapolis is ok! The weather has really been AWFUL!!! It's rainy and cold and not summer weather! It was finally sunny today and warm, so we took the babies to the park and had a little picnic! It was so fun! Then we went down to the pool and just put our feet in, because it's not THAT warm yet, and they had so much fun down there! Eden is so excited for the pool! She just wants to jump in when we're sitting on the edge! It's going to be a fun summer! I think on Sunday we're going to the zoo so I'm really excited for that!

So things are going really well out here in Indy. We miss our families a ton, but take comfort knowing it's only for a couple more months! Well there should be some pictures coming on here soon and I should be getting some pages done here in the next few days! I hope! Hope all is well with everyone!