Monday, June 23, 2008

Eden goes to Play Class!

So my good friend V decided that we needed to find more things to do with the babies out here, so she found this really cool program that offers all kinds of fun classes for kids all different ages! For Eden's age they have this fun play class where the kids get to learn to ride on things, throw things, balance, all kinds of neat things. They play with a parachute, blow bubbles, sing songs. It was so much fun! It was even more fun that Christian was able to come with us to do it! Eden had so much fun! There were quite a few other kids in the class so she got to interact with a bunch of other kids! I just think it's so fun to get her out doing things and not just stuck in the house with boring mommy's playing with the same toys all day! I'm so happy we found such a fun place to take the kids to! Here are some cute pics from the class this morning! I uploaded a whole album on facebook if you want to see more pics.
Here's Eden rolling with the class
Eden and daddy singing a song
Eden and Mommy
Having fun on the parachute
Clapping and singing
It was so much fun! We can't wait for next week!!!