Monday, June 30, 2008

Busy Baby!

First off I just want to say thanks to everybody who gave me great advice and made me feel like being a mother of 2 is going to be so fun!! Well despite the fact that our pool has been closed this ENTIRE week, we've managed to find some really fun things to do! Of course we had play class again this morning! It was so much fun! Eden just loves going and singing and clapping and finding all the new fun things to play on! She's getting so good at walking along things and standing herself up! It's so exciting to see her grow and figure things out!! We went to the park yesterday and Eden had a great time swinging with Daddy and going on the slide! Daddy even tried a new trick with her...he hung her from the monkey bars and she actually held on!!! It was pretty scary but she did it! She mist have learned from her boyfriend Dax, he's an old pro!!! And since the pool is closed, and it gets so hot here, we decided to go and get our pool! The kids weren't thrilled in the beginning but they ended up having a really fun time! Eden kept Jumping up so high and splashing down so the water got everywhere! She loved it! I had to get some time in there myself because I was SO hot!! We've been having a blast out here with everybody! I'm getting so excited because I leave for Canada on Saturday to see my family for a big Gallup family reunion! I am SO excited to see my family!