Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick, sick, sick...

Well we've been having a lot of days in our pj's if you can't tell! We've been so sick in the Rodee house the last couple of weeks! First Eden got sick then Christian and I got sick and then poor little Ella got SO SO sick! And then I got sick again...ugh! I hate winter time! It's not even worth going out but then if we stay in, i go nuts!! I really don't like having a winter baby! She's so little and so at risk for so much stuff! It was really scary how sick she got! But luckily she has an amazing daddy and good friends who are willing to help out and use their priesthood(thanks Matt)! We're so lucky to have good friends so close to us and I am SO lucky to have such an awesome man in my life who keeps himself worthy to give our daughters blessings whenever they need one! I just love my family so much!!!