Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eden's first haircut!!

Well I finally broke down and did it! She's 2 and a half and I've never gotten her hair cut! So I decided we'd go and get it done right. We went to the cutest little place called Cookie Cutter's. It was so fun for her! They had a slide and books to play with while you wait. And then when it's your turn you get to choose a movie to watch. They have TV's in every little station! You get to choose what type of car you want to sit in too! It was so cute! Eden loved it! Before

The first cut!!


Isn't she pretty? She LOVED getting her hair cut. After she was all done they gave her a balloon and a sucker! How fun is that!!
If anyone is looking for a good place to take their kids to get their hair cut, this place is awesome! And it was NOT expensive either! Oh and I have to put a plug in for my FAVORITE SHOW EVER!! Glee is on tonight and I seriously love that show!!! I put all their music on my playlist!!! LOVE IT!!!