Monday, November 8, 2010

The Rodee Family is still alive!

Hello all...I know, I know, it's been almost a whole year since I posted last. I really have no excuse. Every time I thought about it, it just kept becoming a bigger and bigger task! But recently I've decided that since I don't keep a journal, I have got to keep more up to date on this blog so that we can have a record of the fun (and not so fun) times that we have as a family. So bear with me as I catch up the last year! I decided to do it in months so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming!


In January we had fun in the snow, fun watching daddy play tackle football, we put in new carpet in the house and we said goodbye to our dear kitty Thomas. Christian and I got Thomas before we were even married. He was such a great kitty and we miss him so much. He just got very sick and there was nothing we could do to help him. To this day the girls talk about him.


February was a pretty busy month for us! We headed up to Canada for my brother and his wife and daughter, cami's sealing. This was such a special day for us. We never really knew if it was going to happen. And then to be there in the temple with them was just the neatest experience. We were so happy and proud of them. And it was so nice to spend time with my whole family all together. That doesn't get to happen all that often! Even though we had a pretty busy month Eden got to start gymnastics. She LOVED it! It was so fun watching her learn new things and be so proud of herself. I tried sushi for the first time, which if you know me, this is a BIG deal! I am not adventurous when it comes to food, but I have to say I was fairly impressed! It was still very cold outside so we found some fun places to play inside. Christian climbed the mountain behind our house! Then to end the month we took our annual trip to Disneyland with the Rodee's. It was such a fun and memorable trip. Scotty (who had just got home from his mission in December) brought his girlfriend on the trip and we all kind of knew he was planning to propose to her at Disneyland, but the outcome of the day was just so amazing!! There is a lady at DIsneyland, magic Pat. Her job is to make magic at Disneyland, and that's exactly what she did! The whole day was full of front of the line passes to our favorite rides, VIP seating for the parade and a private boat ride during the firewroks, where Audra said YES!! It was so awesome!


In March, Christian and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We decided not to do anything too extravagant but what we ended up doing was so awesome and so much fun. We went down to southern Utah and camped/hiked through Zions National Park. It was probably one of the best trips we've taken together. It was so beautiful and so awesome to just be with Christian without a lot of the distractions we have everyday. We ended up hiking a total of 23 miles. It was so cool. After a couple days in Zions we headed to St. George where we got pedicures and massages and went to a session in the St. George Temple. Best anniversary ever I think! Thanks hun.


Christian left us early this year to start work out in California, so we did a lot of things without daddy this month. We decorated Easter eggs, and had easter morning. The weather was a lot nicer and so we found time to play outside at some fun parks! We also found out that we were expecting another baby!! Eden was the first person I told and i got just the reaction I wanted!! She screamed and was jumping up and down! She was so excited and I know she's going to be such a great biggest sister! Ella didn't really understand at first but now she is so cute with my belly. She talks to it and tells the baby who she is and that she loves her. It's so special. We also celebrated Eden's 3rd birthday. She started the morning off with some pink scrambled eggs and then she got to go on a date with her daddy to go and see The Princess and the Frog. She wanted a "PINK" party so that's what we did! Everyone had to wear something pink. It was fun. I can't believe she's 3. It's just crazy how big she is and how grown up she is. We love her!


In May the girls and I did a lot of driving back and forth from Utah to California. We missed Christian so much but had to be back in Utah for my Drs appts. So while in Cali we took a trip to Disneyland (the apartments were 8 min from Dland!!) and we swam and went to the zoo enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then back in Utah we went to the aquarium.

Well I think I need to take a little break! I'll post the rest of the year later today! I'm actually really excited to start blogging again! Maybe it's because the baby is coming so soon and I'm feeling like I need to keep my girls little. And I'm also freaking out about having 3 kids but I'm excited to keep myself as well as my family up to date on everything that's going on with us! See ya soon!