Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing catch up!!

Hello all! I hope your holiday season has been as busy and fun as ours has! Hence the lack of posting!! So I was going through my pictures and realized that I haven't even posted from Thanksgiving! Wow! So I thought I'd just do a quick recap on our holidays! We spent Thanksgiving with the Rodee's this year and couldn't have had more fun! It was relaxed and filled with games, chatting, GREAT food (and dessert!!) and looking at all the sales for black Friday! We love our family so much and feel so grateful that they're so close that we get to see them as much as we do!

So then Christmas fun began! We made gingerbread houses...
We went to see Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork (which Eden LOVED! Every time we got in the car after that for a long time she would ask if we were going to see more lights!)

We got to see Santa a couple of times. This time was at our ward Christmas party and Ella REALLY wasn't feeling Santa! We went to the mall as well but I don't have those pictures yet so I'll have to post those another time! Ella still wasn't feeling santa so we did a family picture!!
We went Sledding...

We welcomed home our awesome Missionary Elder Scott Rodee, from Chile! Ella wasn't scared which was good but she kept staring at him, but Eden, man she was SO happy to see him! She wanted to be wherever Scotty was and she wanted him to hold her all the time! It was so awesome, she was only 8 months old when he left but she remembered him!

We've been to some football games! (Didn't think you'd get away with reading my blog and not seeing any football pictures did you?!?)
Christian is number 20!
Had a little family photo shoot when Elder Rodee got home!

Decorated our tree...

Daddy took Eden on a date to go and see Princess and the Frog! Which she loved!
Had a little Christmas party with our friends...I think Eden likes Dax just a little bit! (We missed you Barnette's)
And we had a little Christmas morning at our house the day after Christmas! The girls loved their gifts! I guess it's a good sign when they haven't put them down since Saturday right?

We also had a VERY fun vacation in Mexico with my family for Christmas this year! It was the funnest vacation EVER!! We spent a week in Cabo San Lucas with the Ellingson's and had a blast. We rented a Villa that we had all to ourselves, our own pool (more like a really big hot tub after we figured out we had control over the heating) our own jacuzzi, fully stocked kitchen, laundry room, anything you could ask for for a good vacation was there! It was awesome! We did a couple of really fun excursions but I'll save all the details till I put up the pictures! All in all we had a wonderful Christmas season! I am so so grateful for my family and for Christian's family for just being so amazing to us and especially to our little girls! We couldn't have asked for better families. What a wonderful time of year to celebrate love and the birth of the Savior! We hope all of you had a very merry Christmas and we hope 2010 bring you all so much joy!! I know it's late but I thought I'd just put up our Christmas card anyways!! Love you all!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love my little Eden!

I just had to share the cutest story! So we went to my inlaws ward today for church, it was fast Sunday. A couple of little kids got up and bore their testimonys an Eden couldn't take her eyes off them! She said "mommy I want to bear my testimony!" I wasn't sure if she was old enough, thinking she'd just get up there and not want to be up there and start crying! So I just told her to listen. She kept saying after every testimony "it's my turn mommy!". She really wanted to go! So her uncle cam said he'd take her up there. They went up and waited their turn. They got up and Eden grabbed the microphone and said " I'd like to bear my testimony." Cam whispered something in her ear and she said "I'd like to bear my testimony". Cam whispered in her ear again and she said "I love my mommy. I love my daddy and Ella. I love to see my Gramsy and papa and cam and rocky (their dog) and I love to see all my peoples!". She said a few more things and we motioned to cam that he should probably end because she could have went on all morning! So they finished and she came back down and had the biggest smile on her face! She said "mommy I bore my testimony!". I had tears in my eyes and just gave her the biggest hug! This is what being a mom is all about!