Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun Play Day!!

Well Victoria and Dax, and Jackie and Savvy came over to play today! It was so much fun! Eden just loves Savvy and Dax! They have so much fun together! Always laughing and chasing each other! I love it! Ella even got to join in the fun a bit!! She was SO good while they were here!
Here's Eden Loving on Ella!
We tried to get a good one of everyone smiling! This is as good as we got and it's actually ok!!

Victoria with Ella! She's loves her aunt Vic!

Helping Aunt Marci make lunch!

Playing the piano! Look at Eden's cute face in the reflection!!! I LOVE my new camera!!!!
How lucky are we that we have such good friends that live so close to us!! It was so fun today!