Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Pictures!!!

So we went and got pictures taken at JC Penny for Easter! We were SO happy how they turned out! Aren't they sweet?? She was so cute when we were taking them! I really loved JC Penny and will go there everytime I want to get some cute pictures taken of Eden!! They did a really good job! To see all of the pictures you can go to this website, SmilesByWire and enter MARCI RODEE and the access code is LTPP0722106298JCP! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged! (and an announcement!!)

Ok so I was tagged by Amy and thought it'd be fun to post because I haven't in so long! There are reasons for the inactivity, I'll talk more about that after!

1. An 11th grade she devil who did anything and everything to make her parents mad! (Sorry mom and dad)
2. At this point in my life it's sad to say, but my friends and BOYS, BOYS, BOYS were really the only thing that mattered!

1. Try to tidy up the house
2. Go up to Ogden to meet Christian and spend time with the Grandparents!
3. Make sure Eden takes her medicine. (If anyone has any suggestions on how to get an 11 month old to take medicine that tastes disgusting, PLEASE let me know!)
4. Read Primary lesson
5. Play with Eden

1. Travel!!!
2. Build an amazing house that we could live in forever and that could accommodate both of our families!
3. Pay tithing of course and donate to charity
4. Buy a Range Rover!! My dream car!!
5. Maybe buy an Island and a private jet!
6. Make sure my parents saw Eden at least once a month.
7. Get a brand new wardrobe!!!! (this would probably be my favorite thing!)

1. I'm too sensitive! Especially with a husband like Christian! I need to get some thicker skin!
2. I don't do the laundry until the last minute and so by that time, I have to do like 6 or 7 loads!
3. I LOVE to eat out!
4. I don't finish projects that I start
5. I'm ALWAYS late! I have been like that my whole life, and with a baby it makes it 10 times worse!

PLACES I HAVE LIVED (This is a long one people!)
1. Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
2. Medicine Hat (Canada)
3. Redcliff (Canada)
4. San Antonio, TX
5. Grapevine, TX
6. Rexburg, ID
7. Anaheim, CA
8. Huntington Beach, CA
9. Provo, UT
10. Romeoville, IL
11. Burbank, CA

JOBS I HAVE NOW OR HAVE HAD (Ok this one I'm not going to bore you guys with, I've probably had, at LEAST 20 jobs! AT LEAST! SO I'm just going to mention the ones you might think are funny!)
1. I separated trash leaning against a vibrating conveyer belt at a farm!
2. I cleaned houses when we moved to the states and I didn't have a visa to work so I made money under the table!!! HAHA
3. I've been a waitress at a ton of different restaurants. The best was this little mexican place I worked where I had to wear an authentic Mexican, frilly shirt!
4. I was an R.A. in college (And for those of you that knew me in college this was quite a joke!! I was the worst R.A. ever!)

1. I absolutely LOVE Polynesians! I love their culture, their music, their dancing! A lot of people were very surprised when I sent out my wedding invitations and I was marrying a skinny white boy from Utah!!!
2. I sang in choir from the time I was 5 until I was 17, and got to travel to Scotland, England and Wales with that choir!
3. I was in quite a few plays when I was younger!
4. Up until I met Christian I was kind of a BAD girl!!! (Sorry again mom and dad!)
5. I am NOT a US Citizen! HAHA
6. This one is the BIG announcement...I'M PREGNANT AGAIN!!!

1. I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mother!
2. I have the best and most beautiful daughter in the world!
3. I get to have another baby, and Eden gets to be a big sister!
4. I have a wonderful, loving, fun husband who supports our family!
5. I have wonderful family and friends
6. We have a great ward and neighbors!

OK! Wow...that was fun! So to address the announcement! Yes I am pregnant again! Christian and I are going to be parents of 2!!! AHHHH! I'm a little nervous and overwhelmed because Eden is still so little, but we are very excited! It's still pretty early in the pregnancy but I definitely feel pregnant. I've been pretty sick! That's why I haven't been posting as regularly. So there ya go!! I hope everyone is as surprised as we were!!! HAHA!
So I have to choose 3 people to tag and I choose Victoria, Brittney and Morgan

Friday, March 14, 2008's been a while!!

Ok so it has been so long! Sorry!! Things have been a little crazy in the Rodee household! We went to Disneyland...again! I know I know, we're a little crazy but we love it! And then when we got back, Christian had to go out of town and then we went and stayed at Christian's parents house in American Fork. They are in Hawaii...jealous! Anyways, so we've had football games, trips, pink eye, ear infections,! eden has been really sick! She got pink eye right when we got back from Disneyland. Then the next day she got it in her other eye and she got an ear infection! She now has a terrible cold! Poor thing!! I feel so bad for her! She's still her happy self despite everything! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful baby! She's so great. Even at her worst she can put a smile on my face!
So I finally had time to sit down tonight and scrap a page! This is for a challenge at SSD, I SPun and Lifted Tracey's 'I wanna be...' We took these pictures at Disneyland...can you believe how cute Eden is? She wore these sunglasses like a champ! She's a superstar! Everyone just thought she was the cutest thing! And she is! I'll put some more pics on here in a little bit!