Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love my little Eden!

I just had to share the cutest story! So we went to my inlaws ward today for church, it was fast Sunday. A couple of little kids got up and bore their testimonys an Eden couldn't take her eyes off them! She said "mommy I want to bear my testimony!" I wasn't sure if she was old enough, thinking she'd just get up there and not want to be up there and start crying! So I just told her to listen. She kept saying after every testimony "it's my turn mommy!". She really wanted to go! So her uncle cam said he'd take her up there. They went up and waited their turn. They got up and Eden grabbed the microphone and said " I'd like to bear my testimony." Cam whispered something in her ear and she said "I'd like to bear my testimony". Cam whispered in her ear again and she said "I love my mommy. I love my daddy and Ella. I love to see my Gramsy and papa and cam and rocky (their dog) and I love to see all my peoples!". She said a few more things and we motioned to cam that he should probably end because she could have went on all morning! So they finished and she came back down and had the biggest smile on her face! She said "mommy I bore my testimony!". I had tears in my eyes and just gave her the biggest hug! This is what being a mom is all about!