Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scooting Eden

Ok I've been trying for an hour to get a video loaded on here, but it is NOT working and I'm getting frustrated! So I'm just gonna put the link to my videos on facebook so you guys can see how funny it is when Eden scoots! I'm sorry!!!
Scooting Video
So I don't know if any of you out there have had this, I wouldn't really call it a problem, just a situation! Eden has always hated being on her tummy! We tried to give her lots of tummy time when she was little but she just never enjoyed it. So we got her a bumbo chair, which I LOVE, and she started sitting up at just over 4 months old! Really early huh? SO I think since she had been sitting up for so long, she was just used to that and so when it was time for her to start getting around, she figured out how to do that her own way! We have tried and tried to get her to crawl but she refuses to do it so this is how she gets around! And don't let it fool you, she is quick! It's so funny though to watch her do it! We love our little scooter!!!