Friday, July 20, 2007

It's been a while...

Wow it's been a while! Things with the Rodee family are as good as ever! Eden is growing up so fast and we're just loving every minute of it. She weighs a little over 12 pounds!!! She's definately a good eater! She is trying so hard to sit up and roll over and she is making all kinds of cute noises! She's starting to realize that she can pick things up! She has a toy that we hang in her car seat and she usually will just stare and giggle at it, but today she grabbed it and put it in her mouth!!! She's so cute! We also got her ears pierced on Tuesday! She is just darling with them. I'll put some pictures up in a little bit!
But I've been working on my journal a little bit and have started doing the pages for Eden's birth! There are going to be so many! I just wanted to post a few of them because I just love them. As I was going back to read what I had written in my journal for her birth, I cried, of course, remembering how hard it was and just how very worth it it was. It was such and amazing experience. One that I could never really put into words. Well I hope you like!
Love, Marci