Thursday, June 19, 2008

So I've been having trouble feeding Eden lately. I think it's mostly because she's been really sick, but today I tried to feed her some fruit that she really likes, and she would not let me put it in her mouth! So I got up and was going to take it to the fridge and she was reaching for it like she wanted it! So I tried to give her a bite and she would not take it from me! So finally I tried to just give her the spoon. She was SO excited! So I put the bowl in front of her and put the spoon in and helped her take a bite! She loved it! She ate almost half the bowl by herself! I couldn't believe it! She's never done that before! I was so surprised! She did so good! She's growing up so fast! I posted a video on Facebook because once again, I could not upload to blogger. I'm getting really tired of not being able to put videos on here! So if you wanna see the video click here. Here are some pics!

Here is my sick baby! Her temp has been so high and she just has been very lethargic! She sits with me and watches a movie! She's so cuddly! I kind of like it! She never cuddles with mommy so it's nice with I get a little love from her! She is feeling so much better though! Her temp was down ALL day today! And she was so happy! It's nice having my sweet little Eden back! I just love her!