Sunday, January 20, 2008

Digi-Journal for the second try!

So last year my sis Brittney and I made a resolution that we were going to write in our journals once a week. Well for me, it did not go over well! She did great and finished the whole year! Congrats Britt! But me, not so much. I started digital scrapbooking in June, and so I tried going back to do all my entries in a journal page, and it just got too overwhelming, that I couldn't keep up with it! So this year I made the same resolution and I have to say, I'm 3 for 3! Yay me! So I thought I'd put them on here just to show off that I'm actually doing my new years resolution!!!

This is not quite finished! I still have some pictures to add from new year's eve but I'm waiting on them from my brother in law!

Isn't that picture of Eden gazing out the window of Finding Nemo the cutest thing Ever??? Look for a page of that really soon!

I love this page! I feel like it turned out great!

So I really hope I can keep up with this goal. I'm so jealous that Brittney's getting hers ready to print up as we speak! It may even be printed...It's such a treasure that will be so special to her kids one day! I'm gonna do it!