Sunday, November 16, 2008

Football, football, football!

Well for those of you who know our family, you know that our lives pretty much revolve around Christian's football schedule! He plays on an intramural BYU team that have made it to the elite 8. He plays in a city league, and he recently has been added to an arena league team where they get to suit up and tackle and everything. This has been his DREAM forever to suit up and play tackle! He loves it! So last night Stef, Eden and I ventured out to Kaysville, SO FAR, to watch Daddy in his first arena league game! He didn't get too much playing time since he's only been on the team for about a week but it was fun to see him all cute in his pads! Eden just LOVES to watch her daddy play so it was fun for her to see some real action! Unfortunately Ella had to stay home with Mimi because she's still too little to go out! But she's doing so great! We've been giving her some tummy time and she is just so strong! She holds her head up and everything! She's only 2 weeks old!! We got some cute pics of her last night too!

We also put Eden's hair in curlers this morning!!! I'll post later and let you know how it turns out!!!!