Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's zoo time!!!

Well we finally had a nice day here in Indy so we got to take Eden to the zoo for her first time!!! I knew she was going to like it but we were shocked at how much she loved it! The first place we went to was the Ocean area, so where all the fishes and polar bears, and sharks!! We walked in and put Eden up to the glass and she started saying 'WOW' so loud! It was the funniest thing! She kept saying it over and over, the whole time we were at the zoo! Every animal we got to see pretty close she just said 'Wow, wow, wow'. She just had SO much fun! And Christian and I had the best time just being there with her! It was so awesome to see her just love it! There was an area where you could touch a shark...ahh...but Christian wanted her to touch one, so he put her hand in the water and she actually touched a shark! I was so scared the whole time, but Eden loved it! Everyone couldn't believe how funny Eden was being! It was so much fun to be there with all of our friends and their kids! We're lucky to have such wonderful friends!
This was her face the WHOLE day! She loved it!

Jackie and Savannah with me and Eden by the giraffes!