Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello there! Wow it's been a long time! I'm so sorry...for some reason I've just been so busy lately! Well I don't have any scrap LO's to post today because I'm working on christmas presents and I can't put them on here!!! SO i thought i would just add some cute pics from recently! Christian is on a flag football team for intermurals at BYU where he goes to school! He LOVES football. He lives for these games! They are really good too! Eden and I didn't get to make it to too many of their games because they were always after her bed time, but we decided to go for their last game! it was so much fun (exceot they lost) but it was fun to watch him doing something he loves! It was FREEZING that night too so we were all wrapped up in tons of balnkets! We took a picture of Eden sitting in the camping chair just loving it! It was so cute! Me and Victoria and Jackie, all wives of the team, all recently had babies! It's fun being in the same place in life as most of your friends!

The last picture is one I just took of cute Eden on her tummy! I'm tryig to teach her to crawl...I know I know, I should just let it happen because she's going to get into everything once she realizes she can move! But she's just so cute when she tries! So she's cuddling with her pooh bear on her tummy!

Hopefully I'll have time to scrap LO's other than christmas gifts so I can post them!