Thursday, January 14, 2010


So for our Christmas this year we took a little trip down to Mexico to Cabo San Lucas. It was SO beautiful and so relaxing and just so so much fun! We rented a 4 bedroom Villa that was fully equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, hot tub, pool, everything you could ask for! It was seriously the only way to do it! It was a blast!
So this is the view from our villa,
Here are a couple of cute pics of the girls! They had so much fun with my family! It was so fun to have all the girls be close in age and so they played really well together! Well Cami and Ella kind of had their differences but all in all they got along great!

This is what we did most of the time! Hung out in the pool! The girls wanted to get in as soon as they woke up!
Bath time! Well not really bath, we couldn't figure out how to get the tub to work so all 3 girls showered together every night! They loved it!!
'Whale Watching'!! This was such a fun excursion! We went on a catamaran with quite a few other people and went out into the ocean to spot some whales! And that we did! It was incredible! They were HUGE!! It was so awesome. The pictures don't even do them justice to how big they were!
My Brother and his cute family! Melanie and Cami (who is almost 2). They live up in Canada and so we only get to see them about once a year. It was so much fun to spend a week with them!
This is a famous spot in Cabo. Lovers beach I think is what it's called. So pretty!
My siblings! Mac, Stef and Kayla.

After the Whale watching we went and paid to hold 2 lions!!!! One was a brand new baby and one was a bit older. We were in Heaven! Eden LOVED the little baby! Ella didn't really know what was going on!

Ella's "Scary Face". ANd my dad's scary face too!! Haha I love this pic so much!!

ANother Excursion we did was we rented 4 wheelers and drove them out to the beach. It was so much fun!!!

We also found a spot the was pretty good for snorkeling and went and looked at the fishies! There were SO many different types of fish where we went! It was awesome! I put this pic in here just to show how tall my brother is! He's 6"9' and look how far he has to bend down to hold cami's hand!!

My mom and dad were in heaven this trip, having all 3 of their grand babies to love on everyday! They were so great with them! When the girls would wake up I just took them out to Grandpa and Mimi and I got to go right back to bed!!! It was so great!!

Thanks Mom and Dad, Stef, Mac, Mel, Cami, Kayla, Christian, Eden and Ella for making this one of the best vacations I've ever been on! It was so much fun and I'm sure we will remember it forever!!