Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hello! So we've been so busy the last few weeks! Christian had his birthday the end of September, sports, baby birthday's, and more sports!! Christian decided it would be fun to play on 4 different intramural sports teams this semester! So our weekends and week nights mostly consist of us going to watch him play! His goal was to get an Intramural Championship shirt from BYU and guess what??? They did it!!!! Their Volleyball team was so good!! They won the championship game! Christian was SO excited! He wears his shirt ALL the time!! He brought sparkling cider to the game incase they won, (cider he'd been saving since last year when they had a chance to win but they lost!) They busted it open and celebrated! It was so much fun!
Kayla, my sister plays for the BYU Rugby team and so we got ot go and watch one of her games! I swear she was made for Rugby! It is totally her sport! She LOVES it and is SO good! It's so fun to watch her play even though we really have NO clue about the rules!! It's so nice to have my sister's so close!
Christian turned 26 last month! Oh my young husband!! We had a little party at his parents with his twin brother Chad! Eden and I got him a Wii for his birthday and we love it! It's like all we do, play Mario Kart on the Wii!! Eden painted him a picture for his birthday! He loved it! Eden loves to watch her daddy play too!
Our friends little Aiya turned 1! It's so crazy that all of our babies are just growing up so fast!!! She was so cute!! She dove into her cake! It was so awesome!!! It's so nice having friends that have kids all close to the same age as Eden. They have so much fun together!
AND...I'm finally at the end of my pregnancy!!! I'm 37 weeks now and will most likely be having our new little one next week! I think I'll be getting induced next Tuesday so just pray that everything goes ok! We are SO excited to meet her! I've been pretty emotional the last few days thinking about being a mom of 2 and dividing my time, and being able to be as close to Eden! I know it's normal and that it will all work out! It's just so crazy to think that in a week we're having another little baby! WOW! So I really hate this picture but I thought I'd document what I looked like at 37 weeks!! Well wish us luck with everything!!! Hopefully soon there'll pictures of our little baby girl...still no name!!