Saturday, May 3, 2008

Officially Indiana residents!

Well I just wanted everyone to know that we are finally settled and back together in Indianapolis! The apartments are new and nice inside and it seems like they'll be just fine for the summer! There is a walmart, target, costco, and malls all close by!! The only thing missing is some good restaurants!!! We haven't seen ONE restaurant while exploring around! Not's all fast food! Weird huh! Hopefully tonight we'll get lucky and find something good!
Christian's office is doing AWESOME! Everyone in his office has sold at least 1, and he is having his best start of the summer ever! He's really pumped up and thinks this is going to be a great summer. Eden and I have had fun getting everything organized and finding places for all her she has a ton of stuff!! She likes it out here I think. She's getting a little frustrated with all the carpet because she can't scoot as fast! She'll go a little bit and then look at me and put her arms out for me to come and get her! It's so cute! Hopefully that'll be a boost for her to just crawl or walk! She's loving finding all these new things to get into! And she loves having all her friends so close! It's going to be really nice to have friends here this year! The babies all play so well together so it's going to be great to see how good of friends they become.
I'm finally feeling better from the morning sickness! I haven't thrown up in almost a week so I think it's finally letting up! (knock on wood) I have felt the baby give me some little love kicks and that's very reassuring! We get to find out what we're having in just 5 and 1/2 short weeks!!!! I'm starting to get to that fat stage where it just looks like I've gained 20 pounds, not that I'm having a baby! This is always such an awkward stage because you just wanna wear a sign that says,'yes I'm pregnant'!!! But I don't think it will be too long before I really pop. It seems like the belly is getting harder everyday so it should be in the next couple of weeks that I really look pregnant. I feel like this one is going by a lot quicker. Maybe it's because I have a 1 year old to keep me busy! I still don't have ANY feelings of what I think We're having! Everyone seems to think we're having a boy! We'll see, Christian would be so excited! He'll be excited either way but I know he's secretly rooting for a boy!!
Well we're really excited to finally be settled out here. We miss Utah and our house, but it's going to be a great summer. We go to church tomorrow to see our new ward. I know we're gonna love it! We always love our wards for the summer! Well I hope everyone is doing great and hopefully now that I'm finally feeling better, I'll be better at posting more often...and getting some scrapbook pages done! I have so many new great products I haven't eve been able to play with!! Well we love you all!!!

Oh and PS, if you thought everyone in Indiana is a nascar fan, you were RIGHT!!! They LOVE nascar out here!!!!!