Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hogle Zoo

Well yesterday me, the girls and Aunt Brittney went to Hogle Zoo up in Salt Lake. It was so much fun! It's a tiny zoo but we were there for just enough time to enjoy it! So they had quite a few new additions to the zoo this summer. They had a new baby Elephant named Zuri, who was by far the most amazing part of the zoo! She was so darn cute! Me and Brittney couldn't believe how cute a little elephant could be but she was just darling!!! She was so tiny compared to her mommy!! We got to get so close up to them too. A lot of the exhibits were like that. Which I love about a zoo.Look at her! She's so cute!!

These penguins were so close! We could have touched them!

Here's another new addition, a baby giraffe. We couldn't find it's name but it was so cute too! While we were watching it, it's mother came up and and was licking it and loving it! So cute! They were standing right against a wall that had measurements so you could see how tall they were! The baby was standing 7ft when it's neck was up all the way! Can you believe that?? The mommy was like 12ft! Unreal!
My cute babies!
This was my favorite, another little one! I love tigers, they're my favorite animal ever!! They're so pretty! This little guy was walking up and down against the fence and I get SO close to him!!!
On the Carousel. Ella was a little unsure but I think she liked it!

They had a little playground that we played on.
We rode the train.

We had a couple meltdowns and a potty accident but overall it was a fun trip! Ella is so funny! She's such an explorer that it's so hard for her to be couped up in the stroller when she sees Eden walking all around. She's still not fully walking so when we get her out she just wants to crawl around everywhere and then she gets SO dirty!! But we did have so much fun. We always have fun going to "See Animals". That's what Eden says. She LOVES the zoo! She loves animals! It's so cute. Every time we were going to a new area we'd tell her what we were going to see and she would get so excited! It's so cute to watch their little minds work. I just love my girls. And I'm so glad that I have people like Brittney who can come with me to places like this and they don't care that my girls are sometimes crazy and scream and cry and pee their pants. Thanks for coming Brittney! We love you!!