Thursday, June 12, 2008

IT'S A....

GIRL!!!!!! We're having another baby girl! Can you believe it? Eden's going to have a little sister! We are just so excited! Christian is a little sad he didn't get his boy, but he's really excited for Eden! She is going to be best friends with this new baby! We are just so happy! We got to see our little girl moving around like crazy in our ultrasound today! We just love her already! Here's a picture of her pretty little profile!
Here is where we KNOW it's a girl!!
Me and Eden just so excited for our little girl to get here!
We got a 3D ultrasound today and I tried to put pictures up but blogger again is being difficult for me! So I'll have to put them up another time. The 3D pictures are a little weird because the baby is still so little and doesn't have a lot of fat on her body but we can tell she's going to be beautiful! We are just so happy and feel so blessed that we're going to be adding another healthy beautiful little girl to our family! We can't wait for our new addition to arrive!!!