Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comment Game!

So this really great photographer here in Utah, Melissa Davis, she's not only extremely talented as a photographer, but she's also really fun! She's having this contest on her blog, it's a comment contest! How fun is that? So you just comment on her blog and the first 5 people to 25 comments, get a free photo session with her! Eden won a session with her back in September and I cannot tell you how happy we were with the pictures! The pictures above are just 2 of the amazing shots she got! These might not be the best quality so sorry about that, but you get the idea! She's amazing! So this last comment challenge was to post about her blog and her photography website and I was HAPPY to do it! I would LOVE to have another session with her! Christian and I had the hardest time choosing which pictures we wanted because we loved all of them! For those of you that have been to our house, all the pictures we have up in the living room, the big one of the family, and the big one of Eden, those were all taken by her! I love them! She's so good! So for those of you that are looking for a new photographer, she's amazing! And go check out her blog and start the contest, it's not too late!!!