Saturday, May 30, 2009

Easter Update..I know I know!

Ok so I know Easter was forever ago but I haven't had a chance to put anything on here about it! Since Christian was leaving early for Denver, we were going to be able to spend Easter with him. All of our friends were the same way, so we decided to do a fun little Easter egg hunt early for the kids, so they couls at least do something with their dads for the holiday! I t was so fun. Eden loved finding the egs and putting them in her princess bucket! All the kids had such a fun time! We LOVE that Eden has such great friends! Here's Eden with Daddy showing him her eggs!Daddy and his 2 girls!
Eden and Aunt Stef
Daxton and Savvy! Aren't they cute??
Mommy and Ella
So for Easter we were in Texas visiting Mimi and Grandpa Ellingson. It was so fun to be at their house for a holiday other then Christmas or Thanksgiving! I hadn't been to Texas since right after Eden was born so it was a long overdue trip! Mimi and Grandpa loved having the girls there and they LOVED being there! We did so many fun things...more pics to come...we went to the zoo, took pictures in the blue bonnets! It was so fun! On Easter we did a little scavenger hunt for Eden to find her basket. I dressed her in bunny ears! It was so cute!!! She loved looking at Ella with them on!!!

Then we did a big easter egg hunt with Some Texas friends. There were so many kids there and it was so fun!
Here's Eden's Texas Best Friend Saylor!!
All the kids!
All in all it was a great holiday! It was sad being away from Christian but it was wonderful being with my family! Hopefully Eden kind of understood what the holiday was all about! We got to hear my dad sing in church and it was just amazing! I love hearing him sing! As soon as he saw Eden waving to him, he lost it! It was so cute! We just loved spending time with you guys Mimi and Grandpa! Love you!