Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yay I'm actually doing it...

Well I can't believe I got myself back on here to finish the update!! I'm pretty proud! So we'll just continue on where we stopped...


We spent all of June in California with Christian. We had A LOT of fun this month. We spent a lot of time at Disneyland, the pool and just hanging out with daddy. Scotty's fiance Audra (Auntie Audie) came out to visit Scotty so we went to Disneyland for a day with her. Unfortunately I didn't get ANY pictures with her and the girls :( But we had so much fun. Then Aunt Brittney came down and we took a special Princess trip to Disneyland! We got the girls all dressed up in their princess dresses, Eden of course was Ariel and Ella was Tinkerbell. Which is so funny because she TOTALLY has tinkerbells personality! We did the Princess Fantasy Faire and the whole day was devoted to finding princesses and meeting them! It was a blast! The girls had so much fun. (And so did mommy and Britt)

In July we took a trip to Texas to visit my family. We hadn't been there in a really long time so it was so nice to be there and spend time with them. Christian also was able to work while we were there so we got to stay extra long! We had 4th of July there which was SO fun and luckily we were there for the coolest week in the summer!! It was still super humid but I don't think it got over 100 the whole time we were there. We went to see Toy Story 3 and the girls LOVED it!! Ella sat through almost the entire thing. Eden got a major hair cut! We went to a rangers game. And...we found out we were having another baby girl while we were with my family. After Texas it was back to Cali where we spent more time at the pool and we finally took a trip to the beach. I wish we could have gone more but it was just a little to far away. We also took a trip south of the border to Tijuana. Wow was that an adventure. It was fun for the first little bit but then it got really hot. We walked around FOREVER to find some cowboy boots, which we found! But the drive home was the most interesting part. On your way out of Mexico, right before the border there are TONS and TONS of vendors and people trying to sell you stuff before you leave. It was so awesome! People come up to your car and haggle like crazy! It was so fun. The guys were LOVING it. It took forever to get out but finally once we reached the border we thought we were home free. NOPE. For some reason we had to pull over into some secure area while these Border patrol police checked out our car. They wouldn't tell us what was going on. THen finally they opened the rear door of the Tahoe and asked Chad to step out of the car. They took him away in handcuffs and didn't tell us one thing. It was super scary. While Chad was no where to be seen, we also realized that I did not bring my INS card. I had my Canadian passport but for some reason I didn't even think to bring my INS card that shows that I'm legal to be in this country. So our options were to leave me in Mexico while everyone else drove the 2 hours back to Fullerton to get my INS card and then drive the 2 hours back to pick me up, pay $500 (ridiculous), or have someone bring me the card. Luckily we have some pretty awesome friends and our hero, Lee Evans, drove down to bring us the card. We were at the border for about 4 hours, 3 of those hours were spent not knowing what was going on with chad. Finally he came back and he had been detained because of a ticket that wasn't paid. The cops kind of laughed when they realized thats all it was. We were not laughing. Pretty much it was not the best experience but we got some good stuff! Quite an adventure! We also took our last trip to Disneyland. It was kind of sad because we're not sure when we're going again. With the new baby we just don't know when we can get the whole family there :(

(5 months pregnant)


This month we took our annual Bear Lake Trip with the Rodee Family. This year was really fun because the girls were such a good age. They just played in the sand and the water the entire time! They loved riding on the boat and they even rode on the tube. It was so much fun! While we were there Brittney and Josh told us they were expecting a baby!!! This was such great news because they had been trying for a really long time. Our babies will be 3 months apart. How fun! At one point, me and brittney were walking together down to the back and Dad Rodee was walking back and he saw us and got all teary and said, "My 2 pregnant girls!" It was so cute! The boys built rival sand castles, well more like forts! It was the good guys (Scotty, Josh, and Cameron) vs. the bad guys (Christian, Chad and Braun). Their forts went with the theme! It was funny. The guys also grew "Bear Lake Beards" Eden carried on with her crush on Chandler Wilson. She loves him so much. All she wanted to do was spend time with Chandler (he's 11). He was, and is always, SO sweet with her. He just plays and plays with her. It was great to watch them! Eden started soccer! She loved it so much. She had a little bit of trouble her first game with everyone trying to take the ONE ball away from each other. But she got the hang of it. Ella loved watching and cheering on her sister but REALLY wanted to be out there with her! I don't blame her. It looked like fun!

Eden 3 years


September was a great month! We FINALLY got to move in to our new house! This was such an exciting day. We had been waiting for this since March! We LOVE our new house so much. Eden started preschool, which she loves and does so good at! She also started a Dance class. She is SO cute in her outfit and dance shoes! She's really good too! I love watching her. She loves her teacher Miss Debbie. We had a bridal shower for Audra which was super fun to get to know her and her family a little bit more. We went to watch Aunt Kayla play rugby and the girls loved cheering for her! My awesome SIL Brittney took some belly pictures of me and the girls for Christian for his birthday. And we celebrated Christian's 28th birthday! He spent most of the month working in California but came home for his birthday which we were SO glad to have him!!!

This month was busy! First off, SCARUDRA GOT MARRIED!!! It was such a beautiful, enchanting, so so fun, HOT day! It was just so awesome to be with them in the Temple and share such a joyful day with our family. The girls were so good the whole day. They loved being a part of a wedding. It was just such a blast. We also had Audra's birthday and Cameron's birthday. I don't have pictures yet of those things but I'll some up when I get them. It was Halloween this month too and so Eden got to go to the pumpkin patch with her preschool and she got to dress up in her costume for her dance class. This year Eden really wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story and so her talented Aunt Stef offered to MAKE her costume. That's right, I said make. And let me tell you she did an amazing job! I can't believe how incredible it turned out! To go along with the Toy Story theme, Ella was Rex the dinosaur! She was so proud of her costume! She wanted to wear it ALL the time. She did her little "roar" with it and it made everyone laugh! She's so adorable! Christian took the girls to the ward Trunk or Treat and then we also had a fun Halloween/Ella's birthday party at our house this year! I don't have pictures yet of that but they'll be up soon. Everyone's costumes were awesome! I can't believe my little baby is 2 already. She definitely acts like she's 2 but we just love every minute we get to spend with her! She loved her birthday! For like a week before her birthday she would sing happy birthday to herself all the time it was so cute. On her birthday we took the girls to the zoo with our friends the Leatherberry's. Their girls are the same ages as our girls and so it's so fun to watch them play together. We had so much fun. There were lots of animals out because the weather was perfect. The Tigers especially were putting on an awesome show for us! The girls got bored watching them but all the adults wanted to stay! It was a great day and a great way to celebrate our little Ella! (I also will be posting pictures from the zoo later too!)

Eden and Miss Debbie her dance teacher

Well I think That should be it! It feels good to get everything on here! Hopefully I can keep up to date on everything when the baby comes. Which could be sooner than later! More on that to come. Bye!!!