Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Day In the Life...

Well I thought it would be fun to share with everyone a typical day in the life of the Rodee's! So me and the girls usually start off with a morning run. Our apartments have this really great jogging trail around a lake! Eden colors and Ella usually takes a nap! (PS these adorable blankets were handmade by my sister! How talented is she! Check out her Etsy site here. More on that later)

Then we head over to the park and spend some time on the swings and the slides and play in the sand at the volleyball courts! Sometimes we all play volleyball while the kids play at the park! It hasn't been warm enough to go to the pool much this year, as you can tell from the bundling of the girls! 

Then we come home and play! We usually color, play with stickers, read books, sing and dance! We have fun!!

Then we make lunch...mac and cheese is always a favorite for Eden!
Then we sit and watch a little TV while Eden eats lunch! It's usually High School Musical! That is Eden's ALL TIME FAVORITE movie right now! She seriously wants to watch it all day long! She asks for Troy and she sings all the songs and dances! If you ask her about Troy she says, "He's so cute!" How funny is that!
These are her High School Musical sunglasses. They say 'I love Troy' on them!
After the girls naps we usually go to Target and get groceries or go back to the park or go to the mall with these cutie pies!

And then we come home and make dinner, eat and have baths and then go to bed! 
Not too exciting but we love it! I seriously love being at home with the girls! It may get a little crazy at times with 2 but I do love it! We love the mornings that Christian's home and we get to do fun things with him, and we miss him on the days we don't!