Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday night walk!

Well since my mom is here we're able to still take Eden out and do some things with her one on one. yesterday was such a gorgeous day so after church we took Eden for a walk to the little playground up by our house! She just LOVES going to the park and going down the slide. It's one of her favorite things to do! She's so brave! She climbs right up the biggest slide and goes right down without any hesitation! You can also see the cute curls we got from the sponge rollers we put in yesterday! They turned out SO cute! She did have a cute clip in for church but we all know how long those last in a toddlers hair! I was pretty impressed though how good the curl held up and how cute it turned out!

So Melissa Is coming down to take pictures of Ella on Wednesday and I am SO excited!!! I've been a little nervous though because Eden has NOT been smiling for the camera lately and I really wanted her to be a happy girl for pictures. So the genius that my husband is, he thought of a little trick to get her to smile! Eden is really good at remembering things, like animal noises and things people say and do, so Christian said to her last night, "Eden, what does a Princess do?" And then he smiled SO big, showing her that that's what a princess does. So now every time you ask her what a princess does, she gives you the prettiest smile she can!!!!! ISn't that so funny!!! I'll have to try and get it on video to show you guys! But hopefully that will work for at least a few pictures while Melissa is here! I seriously can't wait to get these pictures done! I've been looking forward to it for a long time!!! I'll keep you posted!!!