Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ok so I have been terrible this summer about posting! So I thought since I finally was able to get all my pictures on our new computer...yes we got a new computer!!! YAY! Anyways I thought I would update y'all! (Ya I lived in Texas, I can say that!) So here's some pictures from when my parents came to New Mexico. In Albuquerque they have the longest Tram in the world! So we went on it and it was so cool! It went so high and the view was amazing!! It was super fun. Eden loved looking at the trees and the little animals, and the flowers!

THese next pictures are from when we were moving from New Mexico back to Utah and we were taking a break from packing. Christian got out the lazer to play with the kitties. Well it did not only entertain them!! Eden was LOVING it! She was laughing and jumping! It was so cute!!

This last one is from this past monday we had family night and went to coldstone for some ice cream! It was so fun! I love having Christian home in the evening!!

Ok so the biggest news is that Eden is FINALLY walking!!!! She's almost 17 months so it is about time! I am so happy for her! She loves to walk! When we're at home that is how she gets around now! She's not always super sturdy but she is just getting better and better everyday! She started really taking steps last week, so it shouldn't be too long before she's running around! I was pretty worried for a while but she just needed to do it in her own time! Like everything! She's so funny! I just love her. SHe's so happy and we just laugh and laugh all day long! We are so happy being back in Utah! Christian is going to school full time this semester and I couldn't be prouder! He is such a great dad and we have been able to spend so much time together since we've been home! It's SO nice! Ok so I just tried AGAIN to upload the video of Eden walking but yet again, blogger has failed me!! SO like always you'll have to go to my facebook to see the cuteness! Sorry about that! Well i hope this satisfies for a good update! I don't have Photoshop on our new computer yet so I haven't been able to scrap on it yet. I can't wait to do it...the monitor is huge!! Can't wait! Well I'm off to bed!