Sunday, March 29, 2009

So I probably have THE BEST husband ever! What husband will sit through a 3 hour concert with thousands of screaming teenage girls, just because he knows his wife loves David Archuleta?? That's right, my husband did that! He got me tickets to the David Archuleta concert for my birthday and it was last night! I cannot tell you how much fun we had! I have never been to a concert that was louder than this one. The ENTIRE time these girls were screaming for their lives, hoping that David would notice them!! We had 3 girls sitting right next to us that were SO in love with him! In one of the videos you can hear one of the girls yell, "I freakin love you!" It was so fun to have them right next to us! They made it so much more entertaining! David was so good! He is just such a little cutie! No wonder all these little girls love him! He was such a great performer! It was seriously one of the funnest nights! Thanks so much baby!

Look at that face! Does it get cuter than that?? Well besides my 2 girls...hehe!

So after the concert we took advantage and stayed the night up in Salt Lake, thanks Britt and Stef, at the Little America! Such a pretty hotel! Look at our view! We were on the 16th floor!! So while Christian was checking us in, I was sitting in the car looking at my pictures and videos from the concert. I looked up and saw this huge man walk out of the lobby. I looked a little closer and thought, "is that Shaq?"

And yes it was!!!! He started walking right by the car and he smiled so I waved and was a little in shock! It was Shaq! So I jumped out of the car and asked if I could take a picture with him and he generously let me run up and hug up next to the biggest man I've ever seen! He made small talk and was very nice! It was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me! I was SO sad though because Christian just missed him! I would have asked him to wait, but who makes Shaq wait!! So I called Christian and he was so sad!! But the Hotel receptionist said that the whole suns team was staying there for their game today! an you believe that? Shaquille O'neal!!! Amazing! And then I got to send the whole night, baby free, with my hot husband! It was the BEST NIGHT EVER!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meltdowns and Milestones...

Well if anyone knows Eden you know that she has a favorite blanky. She's had it since she was 2 months old and LOVES it! We've tried replacing it with a new one because hers was getting too dingy, but she wouldn't take it! She can't sleep without it, she can't watch a movie without's so cute! But her love for this blanky makes some things a little hard, like washing it! Today I snuck it away from her in hopes to wash it. Well she started asking for it and I told her I had put it in the wash. She seriously had a meltdown! She was crying so hard and went to the dryer and just sat there and watched until it was finished! It was so sad!!

We've also had some fun things happen this week! Ella is 4 months old!! Wow! Can you believe that? It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital! We had her appointment on Monday and she's growing so much! She's 13 and a half pounds in the 50th percentile and she's in the 75th percentile for height and the Dr. said she's super healthy! He also said we could start her on solid foods! It's been so fun! She LOVES it! The video we put on here is her first try and so she's not really too sure about it, but she is loving it now! I love watching her grow! She's making so much noise and smiling all the time! She loves to be held and cuddle! We just love having her in our home!! I put a video up of her talking too! It's so cute!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just had to share!

We're home!

Well we are home and I can't say I'm all that happy about it! We had the best time on our vacation! Disneyland is seriously the best place to go on a family trip! I just loved seeing Eden so ahppy with all the characters and being around Christian's family and our friends was seriously the best time! I can't wait for our next trip there! Sea World and San Diego Zoo were so fun too! The hotel we stayed at in San Diego was SO awesome! We were right on the beach and the kids LOVED playing in the ocean! Ella put her feet in the ocean for the first time! I brought the dress that Eden wore her first time in the ocean and put it on Ella! It was so cute! Here are just a few pictures but there are plenty more to come!