Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SO we're still alive....

Hello all!! This post is so late coming but we've had NO INTERNET since we've been out in Denver! Luckily one of the guys out here, a hero in my eyes, finally got our internet working so I'm back! Yay!! I have SO much to go back to but I thought I'd just give you guys a sneak peak of what's been happening lately!
So Easter was so much fun! We did so many Easter egg hunts, Eden loved them! We were actually in Texas for Easter this year. It was so fun to be with my parents for a holiday besides Christmas or Thanksgiving. The girls were spoiled of course by their Mimi and Grandpa! They love them so much! I'll have to post Easter pictures later.
Then we came out here and Eden turned 2! Can you believe my baby is 2 years old! Time has seriously flown by! She is so awesome. We just have so much fun everyday! She gpt an ariel bike for her birthday and she loves it! She's still a tiny bit too small to reach the pedals but she loves riding on it and pushing it around! Ella is getting SO big! We got her ears peirced a few weeks ago and it just makes her look so so cute!! She has 2 teeth, she is babbling a ton and rolling everywhere! AND... she's about to start crawling ANY day! Can you believe that? For any of you the knew eden when she was this age, it is the exact opposite! Eden was so content just sitting in one spot. I don't think she even rolled over until she like 8 or 9 months old! And she hardly ever crawled! She was a scooter. And now here comes Ella who has to be moving CONSTANTLY!!! She wants everything around her and is determined to get it! She can backwards crawl and she gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth! She's so close! The other day she tried to pull herself up on the couch but I pushed her down...mommy is NOT ready for that yet!
We love it out here in Denver so far! Things have been non stop fun it seems like! Our summer family this year is just so great! All the kids best friends are out here and Mommy's too. We have GREAT apartments and so I think that makes a big difference. There is a nice park for the kids, sand volleyball, pools, an awesome gym and a running trail around the lake. It's so great! The kids love to go outside and play at the park and build 'cakes' in the sand...thanks Lindsay! There are some really fun girls out here! It'll probably be one of my favorite summer's to date! We've been to the zoo and the aquarium! Everything is really close! So many fun things for the kids to do!
We took a really quick trip to Arizona for Corey and Jen's wedding. It was so fun! We stayed with my best friends Mandy and Carl. We love them so much! It was so fun just sitting up talking and making food at 10 at night! We also got to see our cousins Morgan and JOsh who had just had a baby a week before we came out there. She was SO beautiful!!! It was so nice visiting with them and watching Gracelyn and Eden play! It was a great trip!
So we've been out here about 5 weeks now and the summer is already going by so fast! We are havign tons of visitors this next month that we are looking so forward to! And we welcome ANYONE else who wants to come!!! I hope everyone is doing great and I'll be posting way more often now that we have internet! See ya!