Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Well we're finally back home in Utah! I am SO happy to be back. And I think Eden is happy too! She's been so smiley and loves to explore and loves being back in her room and crib! I missed it! We've only been home a couple of days and nothing is really unpacked, but it's just so nice to be back in our home. With the new baby coming we're trying to get things organized around here! I went through all of Eden's old clothes from when she was tiny to see what I could use for the new baby, and it was so emotional! I remembered when Eden wore certain outfits and it just made me so sad that she's not a baby anymore! But happy that I'm going to have another baby to put wear them! It's too bad because Eden was born in April, so all of her little baby clothes are summer clothes, and the new baby will need warm winter things so we'll be able to use most things, like onezies and pajamas, but I"m going to have to get some warm clothes. Too bad, more baby shopping...haha! Ok so I need some advice...please!!! I've been trying and trying to find a double stroller that I can get for when the new baby gets here, and I've found one that I really like and have read some really good reviews about, but I just don't know!! Please you moms of 2 let me know what you recommend for a double stroller. This is the one that I really like, It's a Joovy Sit Stand. I love that it's not long like a lot of double strollers, it can accommodate a car seat, and I love that I can just take it out with Eden if it's just her and I. But I don't know if it's practical because Eden isn't even really walking yet! Which by the way we've made some REALLY good progress today with walking!! She stood up and took like 10 steps!! I was so excited! Anyways, back to the stroller, please let me know what you guys think! I could really use the advice!