Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kansas City here we come...and go!

The Rodee Family had a family reunion in Kansas City, Mo this past weekend so Christian and I loaded up the car and went on a road trip! It was so much fun! It was a seven hour drive and Eden did great! She didn't want to sleep that much so one of us had to be in the back to play with her, but Christian didn't mind taking a break from driving to hang out with her! It's so nice when he gets time to do things with her! Well we hadn't seen Christian's family since we moved out to Indy so we were so excited. I was really hoping Eden would remember her Gramsy and Papa, since she'd been acting so clingy to me the past few weeks. She went right to them when we got there!! No hesitation! And she pretty much stayed with them all weekend! She just loves her gramsy and papa! And she LOVES her Uncle Cameron! She always has! Here's a picture Marg took of them, look how Eden is looking at Cam! Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen! 
Friday night we just hung out with Christian's immediate family and a couple aunts and uncles and ordered Chili's to go. The activities started Sat. We all got up and had a GREAT complimentary breakfast and then met with the whole family to do family pictures! It was a little chaotic but it was so nice to get together with everyone. Eden was pretty tired from being up so late the night before! After pictures we went and had a luncheon and then Eden had to go down for a nap! So Christian stayed in the room with her and took a nap too. Brittney, Morgan, Gracie and I went and did a little photo shoot with Gracie! She is SO cute! When she cooperated she was on fire!! She did this Pretty Princess pose and it was probably the cutest thing! After pictures they showed a video they took of Bob, Christian's Grandpa, and his brother just talking about their parents and growing up! It was so cool! Watching it, I felt like I was really proud to be part of such a neat family! I wish Christian could have seen it!
When Eden woke up she was a little warm but I didn't think anything of it. We decided it was Eden's turn to do a little photo shoot! She was not being very happy at all, but we managed to get a few good pics! Which I guess is all you need! She was not giving us very good smiles at all! Here are some pics we got!

We even got a really cute one of Eden and Gracie! Look how sweet they are! Eden is sharing her flower! It's so cute!!!After the pictures everyone just kind of visited and then we decided to go to Cheesecake factory! Yum!! Eden was starting to feel very warm by this point and I realized, she was not feeling well! Christian and I had to cut our dinner short and go get eden some medicine and a thermometer. By the time we got back to the hotel, Eden's temp was at 102! I was kind of freaking out a bit, because she has never had a fever that high ever! Luckily Dave's cousin was a nurse and she said not to worry unless it got to 105 and just to keep giving her medicine and keep her cool. So I watched her and checked on her all night and her temp went down and then came back up. She was sick. I felt so bad because it was our last day with Rodee's and she was not herself! So we spent the last few hours just hanging out. It was so nice to be with everyone, even if it was only for a couple days! We just love Christian's family! We're both so blessed to come from great families! It was sad to leave but we only have a couple more months in Indy! So we packed the car up and headed out for another seven hours! I was pretty worried because Eden was so sick, but she actually did really well. She was just very tired. Christian and I love to listen to Books an CD while we're driving so we got through a couple of those on the way up and back! It was nice just being with him. All in all, it was such a fun weekend, even though Eden got sick! It's just nice to be with familY!! It made me so excited for my family reunion in July up in canada!