Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Here's another LO for Sweetshoppedesigns challenge! It was a really fun challenge...we had to scrap a game that we play as a family. So I decided to scrap these fun pictures that we took when we celebrated christmas with the Rodee's. They got Rock Band for christmas so we got it out and played and it was SO fun!!! We took turns singing, playing the guitar and the was awesome!

Another Page

Well can you tell Christian's out of town again!! It seems like every time he goes out of town I get so many pages done!! Well he's in Portland this weekend training and recruiting with a couple of the managers under him. He's been SO busy this year I can't even believe it. His region has tripled this year and so therefore...way more work! I'm so thankful for his job though. Even if he has to be gone so much, it really has given us so many blessings!
Well anyways, so Eden was at her Pops and Gramsy's for Valentine's Day and they got this so cute picture of Eden with her Blanky and I had to scrap it. She seriously LOVES this blanky. She cannot sleep without it, sometimes she can't drink her bottle without it, and she just always has to have it right by her! It's so cute! I hope she loves it for a long time. I just love her!

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