Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day!

So I did this for was his card for Valentine's Day! He said he wanted a home-made card so this is what I came up with!
Well this Valentine's Day was so great! I got to hang out with Eden all day, making cupcakes, coloring a card for daddy! It was really fun! Then when christian got home form work, we headed up to Salt Lake for his surprise gift for me! On our way up there we dropped Eden off at Pops and Gramsy's house. She loves going over there! We're so lucky they live so close and love to watch her!

So once we dropped Eden off, we headed to the surprise date!! I had NO clue what Christian had planned. We drove past Capitol Theatre and I knew what he was up to! Ballet West was there with their production of Cinderella!!

I was so surprised! The Ballet...for any of you that know Christian, this was a VERY selfless gift! He knows I love dancing and girly stuff like that, so he did good! It was so beautiful! The music was amazing and the! It was so nice! The costumes were so incredible! It made me wish I was a Ballerina!

After the ballet we headed back to American Fork to pick up Eden and what did my sweet husband have waiting for me there...Beautiful Roses! They were So beautiful! Good job christian! It was a great Valentine's Day!