Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not so busy month...

Well first off you'll have to forgive all the phone pictures. I've been terrible at taking pictures with the camera lately. So I have a new nephew!! My brother had a BIG baby boy at the beginning of the month. His name is Dean Robert Ellingson and he was 10 POUNDS 8 OUNCES!!!! Can you believe that? My brother's wife Mel is such a trooper. He is just so adorable and I love him so much. I can't wait to meet him and pinch his big chubby cheeks!! This month has taken forever it seems to go by. Christian left at the beginning of the month to go back to California to work for a little bit. The day after he left, both of the girls got the flu. Eden was on one side of my bed throwing up and Ella was on the other side of my bed throwing up! At one point I only had one bucket in the bed (Ella got sick later than Eden did) and both of them were throwing up at the same time, in the same bucket!!! Poor things! I felt so bad for them. I thought I was in the clear because I didn't get it for the next couple of days but I wasn't so lucky. I got it and I got it BAD! Worst flu I've ever had! I actually had to go into the hospital because I couldn't keep anything down for over 12 hrs so they were a little worried about the baby. So I went into the hospital to get some fluids put back in me and to monitor the baby. I have been having contractions since about September and I've been progressively getting further along as far as dilating. Up to that point I had only been a 1 and the Dr wasn't too worried about me going into pre-term labor. Well the whole time I was at the hospital I was having contractions (not painful ones just so you know). They gave me some medicine to stop the contractions and had the Dr come in and check me. I was at a 2. So my Dr put me on bedrest for the weekend to try to avoid me going into labor. So poor Christian had to rush home and come to my rescue! And that he did. He had to take care of EVERYTHING that I usually did! Poor guy. Men and not made to be the housewife. Well at least my man was not made to be the housewife! So Sunday morning hits and what do you know, Christian gets the flu! Just our luck! And I didn't mention that my inlaws were out of town this whole time that all this was going on! We had to call in some major favors. But luckily they got back in town Sunday afternoon and came right over to get the girls. Christian got over it fairly quickly and was feeling ok the next day. I had another drs appt and we were hoping that I would be able to get off bedrest. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I had progressed to a 2.5 over the weekend so alas, I had to stay in bed. It's been SO hard for me to just sit here. I actually miss cleaning and making dinner. I realized that I REALLY love just being a housewife. I miss it so much. So that was last week and I had another Drs appt yesterday, again hoping to be relieved from this boredom, but no. I'm now a 3. So I have to stay down until Thursday, which will make me 36 weeks. After that, if I do go into labor they won't do anything to stop it. I really don't feel like she's coming early but I can't tell if it's because I don't want to expect it and then get to 38 weeks and be completely miserable and wondering why she's not here yet, or if it's because I really don't think she's going to come early! Regardless of what I think, we've been preparing for her to come. We're trying to get the nursery done (as much as I can while being on bedrest...thank you online shopping!) We've bought a couple things we need for her. I've packed a bag for the hospital for me and for her. And we've tried to get all of our Christmas shopping done (again, THANK YOU online shopping). My mom is coming out next week for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited. It's going to be so much easier and so much more fun for the girls when she comes! I just can't wait to spend time with her and have her be involved in getting ready for the baby to come! So needless to say this month has just kind of crawled by. It does seem pretty crazy that our little one will be here in less than 4 weeks. 3 kids...I hope we're ready for this! I'm feeling ok about it but I'm a little worried about Ella. I think she knows something is changing. She's been acting out, and she's been VERY clingy to me. I know she's so excited for the new baby and to be a big sister and a big helper, but I just hope I can still be the kind of mom she needs right now, while taking care of a newborn! Eden is going to be the best helper. She loves to be involved and she just loves to help whenever she can. I'm hoping that I can still get some alone time with each of them once the baby comes. I know there will be an adjustment period, and I'm just praying so hard that this little baby will be calm and patient know how excited we are for her to join our family.

Look at this adorable face!!!!! This is my nephew Dean! Ugh I just can't get over how cute he is!!
We cut bangs for Ella! Doesn't she look cute!
Playing games! Eden's favorite thing to do! (well that and watch movies!)
iChatting with my family. The girls LOVE to chat on the computer! What a blessing we can do this! That's how we met baby Dean.
My mom made this adorable quilt for the baby. This is kind of the colors for the nursery. It will be the blue color and then some pinks and a touch of black. I can't wait till it's all put together!
My cute hubby. He did a great job on the paint! He's awesome!
The new swing we bought for the baby. I LOVE it!!!! It's so pretty and there's so much padding in the seat. It reclines almost all the way back and can swivel so it can be used as a bassinet as well. And the seat comes right off to be taken from room to room! Love it!

Lastly here's a little video of my cute little Ella just playing away with her Little People that she loves so much. She has the most amazing imagination for only being 2. I can't believe how well she plays on her own.